Born in Austria, Monika Chabicovsky graduated in toxicology and regulatory aspects of pharmaceutical industry. Spending many years leading her own consulting company, Monika’s journey as a photographer began relatively recently in 2019.  She studied Creative Documentary Photography & Photojournalism by Magnum Photos & Spéos in Paris, France. In 2022 Monika was given the opportunity of presenting the first project, “Missing Pieces of a Puzzle” at Magnum MAGNUM PHOTOS in Paris. This project visualizes the life of her ill sister. Monika is in search of the hidden personality, the fragility, the unspoken, the bitter-sweet, the mystical of a person. The methodological choice of visualization shows her curiosity to explore and experiment and pushes the boundaries between fiction and reality.


"The Missing Pieces of a Life's Puzzle"

Street Life in Japan: "Ladies, dressed for a wedding
ceremony in Arashiyama, Japan, November 2022"

One of my self portraits: "Me, telling me, what
to do - my daily struggle”

Street portraits collected in Paris, France: "Feeling
the Loneliness – within a Crowd"

Instagram: monika.chabicovsky

Austrian freelance documentary photographer.
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